Incorporating a company in Cyprus is one of the best decisions you can make. This is partly the reason why many companies are rushing to the small country in the Mediterannean. This is because of several reasons. Most importantly, the country is a well-known tax haven, which ensures that companies are able to keep most of their earnings. Also, the country is a member of the European Union, which is one of the largest market in the world. Further, the country is strategically located near to Europe, Africa, and Asia. It has great harbours and world class airports. This means that your company can access these markets. Therefore, there are several reasons why you need to have a lawyer during Cyprus Company Formation.

To Write and Help You Sign Documents

There are several reasons why you need a lawyer in Cyprus company formation. For example, you need a document like memorandum of association. To get such a document, you need to have a lawyer who understands the law of Cyprus to do it. Other documents that you need to be verified by a lawyer are your identity card, transport documents, and the company office.

To Help You With Immigration

If you are a foreign investor, it is important to ensure that your travel documents are signed well. Also, if you want to be a permanent resident or a citizen of Cyprus, the lawyer will help you with Cyprus passport by investment. This is a process whereby you are able to become a citizen by making a large investment. This investment is usually about $2 million. If you are lucky to have the investment, you will become a citizen and be able to travel and do business in all EU countries.

Patent Registration

If you have a patent or any other trade secret, you need to ensure that it is recognized by the country. This will prevent copycats. As such, it is important that you use a lawyer to register your patent. The lawyer will also help to defend the patent if other companies infringe on the patent.